How You Can Prepare for LASIK Surgery

Advancements in technology have made poor vision a problem of the past. Now, people have medical avenues they can take to drastically improve their vision. In fact, a standard pair of prescription eyeglasses could improve a patient’s nearsightedness or farsightedness to 20/20 vision. When LASIK surgery was first introduced it was very pricey and exclusive. As the procedure has been improved over the years and prices have dropped, popularity has steadily risen. If you are interested in the procedure you must make certain preparations.

Take Time Off Work

Whether you help sell contacts online or you work for an insurance company, your job may require you to work during certain hours of the day. During the LASIK surgery recovery time, your eyes will be very sensitive to light and your vision could become too blurry. As such, any work that requires you to use your eyes, whether that be in an office or working remotely at your house, will need to be paused. Furthermore, straining your eyes to focus on the road to work can hurt the recovery process and create a safety hazard.

No Makeup

Depending on your beauty routine you might be accustomed to using different kinds of makeup on your face. Your skincare routine could involve different creams that help accentuate certain facial features or certain products that can alter your appearance. Some products may smear, spreading small particles to other areas. Getting eye shadow in your contacts can be irritating but getting it in your eyes during the LASIK process can lead to serious infections.