Coleanse Diet: Preventing hemorrhoids with a gentle colon cleanse

This post is written by Coleanse Diet. Natural ingredient rich cleanser such as Coleanse can provide long-term relief from hemorrhoids.

A swollen or inflated vein in the rectum and anus is what we call hemorrhoid. To the naked eye, it may appear as varicose veins outside the anus. It can be caused by increased pressure in the lower portion of the rectum. Bad eating habits, lack of fiber in the diet, pregnancy, age, obesity, diarrhea, heavy lifting, lack of fluid intake, straining too much to move stools out, sitting too long and many other reasons contributes to the pressure build up. Read More

Is colon cleansing right for you?

Guest post is provided by Coleanse. Colon cleansing helps to eliminate toxins from gastrointestinal tract use a supplement such as Coleanse Diet that is rich in natural ingredients.

The age old explanation says that waste accumulated in the colon over time causes toxins to build up and blocks and prevents the optimum functions of the colon. This explanation is not without controversy. Many claims that colon cleansing to remove accumulated waste is necessary while others argue that our colon as well as kidney and lungs are naturally capable and built to take care of waste in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Read More