How to Make Workouts More Habitual

Laziness is something that comes naturally. In order to beat this, it’s important that you maintain proper habits.

gym-habitualIt’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind of workouts that you perform almost on a nightly basis. Furthermore, it’s easier to become complacent and stick with what you know and do best during your routine. For instance, once you’ve become accustomed to a certain type of exercise, the strive to increase the weight that you lift slowly starts creeping into the back of your mind. But, with enough dedication and motivation, you can easily surpass this challenge and accelerate the muscle-building process. Here are some tips that will help you keep your workouts balanced and progressive.

Be Consistent

Varying your schedule to hit the gym hurts you more than it helps. While everybody is stuck with a busy schedule, it’s crucial that you maintain the proper discipline to hit the gym at the hours that you’re free. Continuing to do so will become habitual and you’ll begin seeing gains at a much quicker pace that you might be accustomed to.

Eat High-Quality Food

If you want your body to adapt to the workouts and reduce the overall fat, you’ll want to ensure that it gets the proper nutrients that high-quality foods have. Foods like rice, oatmeal, vegetables, tuna, beef, and other staple foods should be a regular part of your diet.

Sleep At Least 8 Hours per Night

The natural growth hormone in your body is maximized through a good night’s rest. Now, it’s safe to say that you’re not going to be getting 8 hours every single night, but it’s important that you try and fit in these hours to help build towards substantial muscle growth.

Nick Diruscio is a personal fitness trainer that has helped hundreds of clients lose weight and achieve their weight gain goals.


Simple Trick to Combat Negativity

Written by Heather Richards

Are you determined to stay positive no matter what life throws your way? People who are optimistic tend to be happier, healthier, and more open to the bounty that life has to offer. While there are many reasons to stay positive, life doesn’t always give us the best environment to foster our positive attitudes.

Sometimes the people around us can bring negativity. The things they say or do can cause us to doubt our own dreams and desires. So how do you stop the pessimistic people in your life from poisoning your dreams? It might be easier than you think. Dr. Eric Amidi offers the following trick to help people combat negativity:

Do not fear negativity. According to Dr. Amidi, before you can stop negative people from bringing you down it’s important to stop fearing it. Dr. Eric Amidi says that the fear of negativity will actually attract more of it in your life. This is because your subconscious gets the message that you’re afraid of it and will see it as a threat or obstacle to getting what you want in life.

So how do you stop being afraid of negativity? By not fighting it. Instead, recognize it, neutralize it, and “turn it into positivity.” This means that it’s important to first detect the negative feelings or thoughts. Instead of denying them or trying to block them out of your mind, accept them for what they are. Next, get ready to bring positivity into your life. To learn more how you can prevent negativity from dampening your dreams, follow the writings of Dr. Eric Amidi.


Valuable Tips on How to Achieve Your Goals


Written by Heather Richards

Most of us have goals, whether it is losing weight, getting a better job, or graduating from college. Some of us want to start a family, while others want to learn how to cook. Unfortunately, most of us lose steam and can’t focus on our goals long enough to achieve the things we want in life. This is especially true for long-term goals.

But there are ways you can stay focused and get the desires of your heart. If you’re having trouble reaching your goals, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips on how to set and reach your goals:

Focus on One Goal at a Time

Many of us have multiple plans in our minds at the same time. We set our goals and try to find time and energy for each one, always balancing various plans. But there is another method we can use that helps us reach our goals faster. This method is focusing on one goal at a time.

Dr. Eric Amidi often writes about this strategy and says that we should focus on one desire or goal first. In a recent blog post the quantum physicist uses the example of the cheetah’s hunting technique to illustrate his point. He says that a cheetah has the ability to focus on a single gazelle and will use all of its energy to run after and capture that one gazelle, even if he runs next to other gazelles during the chase. Dr. Eric Amidi adds that chances are you will learn a lot about yourself by reaching the first goal and you can use the insight to help you reach the next one.

Enjoy the Process

One of the problems with setting goals is that a goal is not realized until a certain time in the future, it’s a place you haven’t reached yet. For this reason many people who set goals are simply not happy or satisfied until they’ve reached their goals. It is this unhappiness that causes many to give up on their dreams.

The key to staying happy until you reach your goal is to enjoy the journey or process along the way. According to an article in Psychology Today written by James Clear, the solution is to “commit to a process, not a goal.” He writes that many people feel as though they’re not good enough until they reach their goal, but this is just not the case. With this mindset, people avoid feeling happy until “the next milestone is achieved.”

This point of view is further explored by Dr. Eric Amidi who also agrees that we should not separate our goals from the process or journey it takes to achieve them. He suggests that the goal and the process are the same.

Dr. Eric Amidi Reveals Trick to Staying Positive

Written by Heather Richards

By now most of us know the importance of staying positive. A positive outlook on life not only brings you happiness but also blesses the people around you. Someone who is positive is optimistic, always focusing on the good things in life instead of dwelling on the bad. But remaining positive on a regular basis can be challenging, especially if you live or work with people who try to bring you down. Whether you’re experiencing a storm in your life or dealing with negative people, it’s still possible to stay positive. In fact, some people even believe it’s the key to getting what you want and need in this life.

In a recent blog post titled How to Switch to Positivity, Dr. Eric Amidi unveils a simple trick on how to stay positive despite being surrounded by negative people. (Dr. Amidi is the author of the ebook “The Secret Behind the Secret,” and he often writes about the Law of Attraction.) Part of what he shares in the blog is something I struggle with: the fear of negativity. Dr. Eric Amidi writes that it’s important not to fight or fear negativity. Instead, he writes, recognize it and learn how to “neutralize it and turn it into positivity.” According to Dr. Amidi, you must first master positivity within yourself before you can block the negativity of others or stop it from bringing you down.

So what’s his trick? Read his blog post to find out what Dr. Eric Amidi says. I will, however, reveal that it’s as easy as asking yourself or another person one question. Yup. Just one.



Dr. Eric Amidi writes, advises, and consults on productivity, entrepreneurship, and life-transforming self-improvement methods.