Renewing Approaches to Chronic Health Problems: Revealing Insights of Ernesto Moralez

Among the different health conditions that have become noticeable in Western countries today, chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are now the dominant sources of death. Such chronic health conditions are not transmissible, unlike infectious diseases like tuberculosis or pneumonia. In relation to these conditions, there has been a greater focus on prevention aspects such as dietary changes and increased physical activity. However, it is important to recognize that chronic disease has nuanced triggers that often elude casual observation. This discussion will explore the various driving forces of chronic diseases and how a more comprehensive perspective can allow successful prevention.

The 20th century heralded a period where it seemed that the front-facing causes of death in affluent nations had been replaced. Chronic diseases have taken over infectious diseases’ place as the most prominent health threat that is the main cause of heavy mortalities. Modern health threats order a refocus on these burgeoning diseases, since heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are now the core issues. Most important of all, these chronic diseases have very complicated and unique etiologies that do not involve infectious agents and conventional transmissibility.

With the increasing trends in cases of chronic diseases, medical and public health fields had to reorient their focus to offer something different. Preventive measures have taken a pivotal role, with a public emphasis on lifestyle modifications such as modifying dietary habits and increasing physical activity. In addition, there has been a growing prominence of pharmaceutical treatments to combat these conditions. While undeniably achieving positive outcomes by extending longevity and increasing the overall quality of life, these measures leave the deeper dynamics of chronic disease unaddressed.

Ernesto Moralez, a scholar in the realm of public health education, suggests that making people morally responsible for choosing a healthy lifestyle is not helpful for preventing chronic disease. According to Moralez, 80% of interventions are conducted quite late in life and thus, do not have any influence on the intensity at which people suffer from chronic diseases.

Instead, Ernesto Moralez proposes solutions designed to address the cause root of chronic diseases through social responsibility. He underlines that it is worthwhile to consider the causes of disease when it comes to disease clusters for chronic illnesses. County maps that show rates of diabetes, for example, would show clusters in the poorer neighborhoods with low health service provisions, high unemployment, and a poor community environment.

Policy-based interventions consist of the implementation of policies such as zoning and restricting the accessibility of tobacco and vaping products to minors. These policies would be implemented in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, demonstrating how policy-based intervention can impact diffusion for chronic diseases. Through this fresh perspective, measurable differences in the recurrence of these chronic diseases can be observed by public health officials but only after the policy change is enacted.

Ernesto Moralez has been able to translate these ideas into his next edition of a public health textbook, Introduction to Public Health, which he is co-editing with two other authors and is set to be published in 2024.


What Health Benefits Can be Expected From Aged Chinese Teas

Drinking antique teas from China has been an important part of Chinese culture for many years. It is an elegant and refreshing pastime with the added benefit of being healthy and delicious. These superb aged teas from China and Tibet have become very popular and Generation Tea is a leader in this industry. They have a team of professional tea personnel that are available to help and assist with all queries and questions regarding your online purchases.

Buy Aged Liu Bao tea to assist with blood pressure and regulating your body fat. Liu Bao is a semi-fermented tea that is produced in baskets and is often referred to as basket tea. The earthy woody taste is deep and rich which offers a smooth-tasting experience. There is an art to tea drinking and the precise preparation and allowing the loose tea to steep and develop in flavor also give the tea drinker the time to reflect and cultivate their mind.

To improve your overall well being Buy Aged Pu-erh Tea and prepare and sip a cup a day. As a fermented tea, there are large concentrations of antioxidants and it is also rich in vitamin C which can aid in keeping colds and flu at bay. This remarkable aged tea has an array of health benefits which include strengthening the heart and lowering cholesterol.

Buy Antique tea for your collections, choosing and investing in these remarkable teas carefully chosen by the experts at Generation Tea will not disappoint. Some can be kept for decades and others are enjoyed daily to provide a healthy flavorsome and aromatic beverage.

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5 Health Benefits of Going Vegetarian

Article by Wesley Virgin

There are many benefits to vegetarianism, both for the individual and for the environment. Here are five of the most important ones:

A vegetarian diet can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI.

A vegetarian diet can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight because it is typically lower in fat and calories than a diet that includes meat.

A vegetarian diet can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.

High cholesterol and blood pressure are two major risk factors for heart disease. A vegetarian diet can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure by replacing high-fat meats with healthy plant-based foods.

A vegetarian diet can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease and stroke.

Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in the United States. A vegetarian diet can help reduce your risk of developing these diseases by reducing your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.

A vegetarian diet can help you get the nutrients you need, including vitamins and minerals.

A vegetarian diet can help you get the nutrients you need, including vitamins and minerals, because it includes a variety of nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

A vegetarian diet can help reduce your risk of some types of cancer.

Some types of cancer, such as ovarian and colon cancer, have been linked to a diet that includes meat. A vegetarian diet can help reduce your risk of these and other types of cancer by eliminating meat from your diet.

About Wesley Virgin

Wesley Virgin is a successful serial entrepreneur and Internet personality known for his engaging, energetic personality and insights in fields such as Internet marketing. Wesley Virgin is also known for his success as a fitness trainer, entrepreneur, Internet personality, and owner of WV Media.


The health benefits of tea

Most of the US enjoys a good cup of black tea. Not only is tea a great way to relax it can also provide many health benefits. Although there are many varieties of tea, the less tea is processed the higher the health benefits. Therefore, teas like green tea and white tea offer the most health benefits. If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, consider adding herbal teas to your diet. They contain no caffeine and offer several health benefits.

Teas offer the following health benefits (the same is true if you Buy Antique tea):

Antioxidants – Antioxidants are a natural way of reducing the risk of chronic diseases. However, tea powders, decaffeinated teas, and bottled teas may not offer the same health benefits.

Weight management – Caffeine and catechins have been shown to aid weight loss when coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Heart health – Tea like green tea and black tea have been shown to reduce cholesterol by reducing fat in arteries while reducing blood pressure.

Diabetes – The catechins in green tea can also keep blood sugar in check as it helps to regulate sugar levels after meals.

Cancer – Although there is a lot of information about tea’s cancer-fighting benefits, studies have yet to confirm these findings. However, tea does provide anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce chronic illnesses.

Although consuming tea is healthy, overconsumption can put a person at risk, say the experts at Large amounts of caffeinated tea can cause nervousness, restlessness, and gastrointestinal issues. Caffeinated teas can also affect the effectiveness of some medications. Consuming between 3-5 cups of tea a day can provide the right balance of tea’s health benefits.


Value-based Care, Aligning Incentives, Changing Patient Engagement

Providers are busy… operators need to boost visit volume and close value-based care gaps… staff are tired.

Have you considered support to complete comprehensive visits for your patients, even the hard-to-reach or not currently seen this year?

EasyHealth’s aim is to promote better clinical outcomes in value-based care through completing comprehensive clinical profiles.


Value-based care aligns incentives for operators and providers —

Better patient care leading to improved clinical outcomes becomes capital for providers. Value-based care is designed to change the incentives driving our actions.

This vlog post introduces you to value-based care and how it lets providers take equity and capture returns in patients’ health.


The Old Model: Fee-for-Service Care

The old model of healthcare is called fee-for-service healthcare. Under this model, providers are paid for each service or item that they provide. This means the more services patients need, the better it is for healthcare providers who get to make money off of patient care instead of providing quality care.

The fee-for-service system has been widely criticized by health insurance companies and other stakeholders in today’s medical world. David Duel is the founder and CEO of the 400-person medicare platform EasyHealth, which has established its place in the healthcare industry through technological innovations and efficiently combining healthcare and insurance services. David Duel explains, “Under the fee-for-service model, medical providers end up making more money when patients are sicker. This means hospitals and health systems are incentivized to treat patients when they’re sick, not perform wellness checks and screenings to make sure they never get sick in the first place.”

What Is Value-Based Care

Value-based healthcare providers are paid for outcomes rather than services, so they need to focus on providing better health outcomes and not just performing medical procedures or prescribing medications. This aligns healthcare provider incentives so both the patient and the healthcare provider are incentivized to keep the patient healthy in the first place.

In the past, providers were paid for all of the services they provided. Now, doctors and hospitals are paid a flat fee per patient or bundled payment that is related to specific medical procedures. This way, providers make money when patients stay healthy instead of providing more healthcare services in an effort to keep patients well enough to return again and spend even more money on care.

Value-Based Care for Health Insurance Providers and Policymakers

Health insurance companies have been slow adopters of value-based healthcare because it means less revenue since they’re only paying out a lump sum versus charging premiums each month. However, health insurance companies can use data from provider organizations’ yearly outcome reports so they know which plans provide better outcomes at lower costs before deciding who to insure.

Policymakers are also looking at value-based healthcare as a way to lower costs for everyone, including patients who are currently paying out of pocket or are insured through government programs. Payers can use data from Provider organizations’ yearly outcome reports to see which plans provide better outcomes and charge premiums accordingly.

Value-Based Care for Health Insurance Companies

David Duel adds, “Health insurance companies should be the early adopters of value-based care since they’re getting paid less, but their risk is decreased because they know that provider organizations have good underlying health metrics before insuring them.” This means providers will want to keep patient populations healthy so claims don’t go up too much each year and payers won’t drop them due to poor performance on quality measures.

Why Are Some Doctors Hesitant to Adopt Value-Based Care?

Some doctors are hesitant to adopt value-based care because they worry about getting lumped into the same category as hospitals or providers who have had poor performance in quality measures. This means that patients may not want to go where the most money is being spent, even if it’s a high-quality facility.

The good news is that by looking at outcome data from individual procedures and medical cases, payers can see which provider organizations perform well on certain metrics before deciding whether or not they should be insured. Providers will also need to make sure their financials look great so insurance companies don’t start charging them more for new policies based on poor results over time instead of one bad year.

Value-Based Care Is Here to Stay

Value-based care is here to stay because it’s a better way for patient outcomes and healthcare providers’ incentives are aligned. Payers will want the best results from provider organizations so they can insure them, while doctors and hospitals have an incentive to keep patients healthy instead of prescribing medications or performing procedures if something goes wrong with their health.

For more info on EasyHealth and David Duel, see : Medicare startup EasyHealth gets $135M in series A to fill information gaps


Does Your Pet Suffer With Sensitive Hearing?

Millions of dogs and other pets all over the world suffer with sound sensitivities. Dogs are more likely to have these issues because they have super-sensitive hearing. The condition can range from mild to severe and some research shows that the condition grows worse with age. With the increasing number of special events being accented with fireworks, this has grown into a severe problem for pet owners.

There are two primary causes:



All loud noises can cause a problem for dogs (or other pets) who have a sensitivity to loud sounds. Thunder is one of the most common triggers. Anytime it thunders, your dog may display any number of symptoms:

Trying to hide someplace dark

Running around the house frantically

Barking, whining, howling


Pacing the floors nervously

Digging at a door

Destroying their owner’s things

Does This Worsen with Age?

In some cases, a dog can develop a noise phobia later in life due to repeated negatives experiences. For instance, your dog may be repeatedly exposed to loud noises because they are common to your living or work environment. A dog may live near a construction site where loud noises are normal. A big construction project might go on for months. This could leave your dog with a noise phobia.

One way to help alleviate the discomfort of loud noises is by sound proofing the rooms where your pet stays. Acoustic foam isn’t too expensive and can easily be cut into various shapes and sizes. Acoustic foam can be applied to walls and ceilings with a spray on adhesive.

The Foam Factory sells all types of acoustic foam on its website. Get exactly what you need at low prices that are affordable.


What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles at the Gym

Here is funny video on what would happen if guys and girls changed roles at the gym. On one scene a girl leaves sweat spot on the chair. On another 2 girls are discussing exercise as if they were guys and 2 guys are discussing their personal lives as if they were girls!

After watching this you will know what would happen if people swapped gender roles in the gym.  It’s very funny!


Drugstore Clinics Aren’t Best for Sick Kids

Retail-based health clinics in pharmacies or big box stores may seem more  convenient and less expensive compared to seeing a pediatrician, but these  clinics do not provide children with the high-quality, regular preventive health  care that they need, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics in an updated  policy statement released online today.

Retail-based clinics or convenient care clinics are usually run by nurse  practitioners or physician assistants that see patients quickly without  appointments and often for less money than pediatric offices or emergency  departments.  This policy statement is not totally unbiased since these  establishments compete with pediatricians for patients and profits, but the  criticisms of these offices still has validity. Read More


Water vs Oil: Taking CBD and Hemp

Article Provided by Express CBD Store

CBD and Hemp can offer a lot of great benefits to people who need them. There are different ways to take CBD oil and Hemp oil, one is using the pure oil and the other with a water-soluble product. So, what’s the difference?

If you look at the oil in its natural form, you’ll find that it will not dissolve in water. The oil has to be processed to make it water soluble. The same is true for hemp because the plant has a lot of oils contained inside it. Since we as humans are mostly made up of water, our bodies just don’t absorb oil well.

Water-soluble products offer alternatives to the oils you might find. Hemp water and CBD water are going to give you a higher dose of the medicine, because it can dissolve easier in your blood. Water-soluble CBD and Hemp are re-engineered in the lab. The technique used to make the oil water soluble is patented and the exact process isn’t known. It is known that until this new process was developed, there was no way to do it naturally.

When you look at which is better when taking the oil versus the water, you have to look at the benefits of the water. You use less of it because it’s a full dose straight to your system. You aren’t storing the good qualities of the hemp or CBD oil in your body to be flushed out as waste. The main takeaway is that when trying to determine which is better, it depends on how you are taking it.

Express CBD Store sells health supplements based on hemp and CBD, including CBD Oil and Hemp Water. CBD has been shown to have many health benefits.

Disclaimer: Just4LifeProducts does not claim that its products will improve any health conditions, so you should make your own judgment based on available info and research.


How You Can Prepare for LASIK Surgery

Advancements in technology have made poor vision a problem of the past. Now, people have medical avenues they can take to drastically improve their vision. In fact, a standard pair of prescription eyeglasses could improve a patient’s nearsightedness or farsightedness to 20/20 vision. When LASIK surgery was first introduced it was very pricey and exclusive. As the procedure has been improved over the years and prices have dropped, popularity has steadily risen. If you are interested in the procedure you must make certain preparations.

Take Time Off Work

Whether you help sell contacts online or you work for an insurance company, your job may require you to work during certain hours of the day. During the LASIK surgery recovery time, your eyes will be very sensitive to light and your vision could become too blurry. As such, any work that requires you to use your eyes, whether that be in an office or working remotely at your house, will need to be paused. Furthermore, straining your eyes to focus on the road to work can hurt the recovery process and create a safety hazard.

No Makeup

Depending on your beauty routine you might be accustomed to using different kinds of makeup on your face. Your skincare routine could involve different creams that help accentuate certain facial features or certain products that can alter your appearance. Some products may smear, spreading small particles to other areas. Getting eye shadow in your contacts can be irritating but getting it in your eyes during the LASIK process can lead to serious infections.