Solution: Sleep Dentistry

Background: Susie came to us because she knew we offered sedated dentistry. She was terrified of the dentist. She had postponed seeing a dentist for 10 years. She said she didn’t like the pain, the needles, or the way it felt when someone was working on her teeth. Basically, she was afraid of every single aspect of going to the dentist.

Susie came to my office with her husband. I gave them a tour of our sedation dentistry practice and all of the latest dental technology we had on hand. Susie decided that she trusted me enough to let me work on her teeth.

Treatment: The night before she came, we prescribed a Valium for her to take. She arrived very early in the morning, and we sedated her and set her up in the chair. She was really a great patient as she sat in the chair, letting me do the work. In this case, there were 18 teeth that had to be restored in order to achieve the functional and cosmetic results that we wanted. She had to come back for a second visit to finish the work, but she was so delighted with her first experience that she said she was almost excited to come back.

Ultimately, we gave her upper and lower crowns, removed and replaced old ceramic fillings, and added more defined edges and shape to her teeth.

End Result: Susie’s testimonial video is on our website. She says her friends now call her “Susie Smiles.” She drives all the way to my West Los Angeles office from Glendora for regular appointments and I just love her!

Dr. Solomon has been recently featured on The Doctor’s Show as a guest speaker on TMJ related issues. At the Doctor’s Show, he was interviewed by the panel and he explained how he can effectively treat TMJ with a mouthpiece, known as an Orthosis. This is a jaw repositioning device that is one of the most non-invasive, long lasting, and scientific ways to treat TMJ.