Article written by Cellan.

Diabetes affects many and more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from type II diabetes. It helps to create elevated levels of blood sugar resisting insulin or contributes to one’s inability to produce insulin. This is why many are injecting insulin daily. Those who are suffering from type II diabetes, green tea can help by improving insulin sensitivity and by reducing blood sugar levels.

One thing that is clear is green tea has been used for centuries to control blood sugar. Researchers find that green tea helps to prevent type I diabetes and keep blood sugar level in check. Those who are suffering from type I diabetes lose their ability to produce insulin, a hormone that is needed to usher glucose into cells. EGCG helps to regulate glucose due to its inhabitation of carbohydrate digesting enzymes. Those who are with diabetes carry the increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and require higher doses of antioxidants to fight it. Cellan Diet contains 100 percent green tea extract to give you the benefits of EGCG.

Recent research links green tea and its EGCG to help control blood sugar levels, keep type I and type II diabetes in check and help with insulin levels. This is why Cellan Diet Pills contain green tea extract as one of its main ingredients.