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A perfect smile can help you get a long way in the world. Whether it’s a great job or a new mate you’re searching for, people often notice your smile first and foremost. Healthy teeth and gums will serve you well wherever you go or whatever you do.

The Invisalign procedure can make it all possible. It’s practically pain free with positive outcomes. It might be the perfect choice for some people but is it right for you? If you’re searching for something that works well and doesn’t require much of a change in your daily activities, then it might be.

Cost for Invisalign

Though it traditionally costs about 30% more than regular braces, you can use a medical savings plan. Many people find this to be a great solution to the cost. Simply set aside the cost for the coming year. Your employer will begin taking the money out for this from weekly paychecks. Since these savings plans are before tax options, you save quite a bit by doing it this way. For more info on that, speak to your HR department at work.

Facts about traditional braces

If you’re not too concerned about your physical appearance and don’t think that traditional braces will detract from it, then this might be a good solution. This is an option that many people still choose. Metal braces and wires can be uncomfortable to wear but eventually you’ll get used to them. The orthodontist will strive to make them as pain free and invisible as possible. Since they are cheaper, this might be a good option that fits your budget better.

Ceramic braces are a popular choice too. Ask your orthodontist to explain each option to you.

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