Hemorrhoids are a condition of inflammation and swelling of the veins that are located in the anus and lower rectum. This condition occurs because of the pressure exerted on the veins from straining to evacuate the bowels and also due to pregnancy or obesity. Hemorrhoids are very painful and can be a symptom for other diseases.

There are of two types of Hemorrhoids based on where it is located.

  • Internal or external hemorrhoids

Symptoms for Hemorrhoids

1. Painless bleeding when passing stools is the most common symptom of internal hemorrhoids.

2. Itchiness, irritation and discomfort in the anal region.

3.  Pain when passing stools.

4. Protrusion of hemorrhoids from the anus or a swelling or painful, sensitive lump around the region.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

1. Straining to evacuate the bowels.

2. Sitting on the toilet bowl for prolonged periods.

3. The presence of chronic constipation or diarrhea.

4. Physical changes as in pregnancy or obesity.

5. Anal intercourse.

6. Weakening of tissues that support the veins as a result of aging.

7. To some extent the risk for hemorrhoids can be inherited.

Remedies for Hemorrhoids

  • Drink water boiled with Pomegranate peels The water must then be drunk, and this practice should be done twice a day.
  • Consume of figs that are soaked overnight in water.
  • Add some peppercorns, rock salt, and ginger to buttermilk. Drink this at least twice a day for some quick relief.
  • Crush black mustard and mix it thoroughly with a bowl of yogurt. Chew the mustard thoroughly and wash it down with a glass of buttermilk once done.

Diet for Hemorrhoids.

  • Increase fluid intake and follow a healthy balanced diet plan, with adequate fiber content. Also include plenty of leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat a lot of fresh fruits as they are rich in natural fiber.
  • Avoid refined, processed, and fast foods.