Dr. Drew Pinsky famous for his Loveline radio show and TV show Celebrity Rehab has revealed that his daughter suffers from anorexia & bulimia. This is so strange since Dr. Drew gives health advice to tens of people daily on his radio show, sometimes to people with similar problems.

Paulina Pinsky, who attends The Barnard College, has been battling this problem for 7 years. The junior wrote on the ­Columbia Daily Spectator’s Web site that she struggled while training as an ice skater and felt pressure from others — including her mom, Susan — to be perfect. She said in a November 2013 post: “My ability to listen to my mother . . . had disappeared when I had hit rock bottom four months prior and had put myself into therapy. Purging eight times in one day to cope with the emotional stress of being home during spring break had finally scared me enough to take action.”

Body-image expert Robyn Silverman told ABC News, “Many parents don’t know how much weight their words and their actions have on their daughters’ image. When a parent looks in the mirror and scowls at something that they see, they are reinforcing the messages that are out there that tell girls they must be thin in order to be considered valuable.”

In an online essay last year for the website Endangered Bodies, Paulina recalled a discussion about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy around the family dinner table.

“I hadn’t even completed my thought about how disgusting I found the media’s emphasis on her weight gain . . . before my mother interrupted me: ‘Yeah. She got -really fat.’ I . . . looked at my father . . . he just mumbled his medical opinion under his breath, saying, ‘You know, it’s very unhealthy for the baby to gain that much weight. Could be eclampsia.’ ”

Paulina who is hosting a Body Positivity Week at college proudly added, “I am a year and a half into recovery after a seven-year battle with bulimia and anorexia, and this spectacle makes me furious . . . This public shaming is making the world a harder place to live in.”

Bio: Dev Randhawa is an aspiring medschool student who blogs about medical issues, concerns and current events all over the Web.