What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles at the Gym

Here is funny video on what would happen if guys and girls changed roles at the gym. On one scene a girl leaves sweat spot on the chair. On another 2 girls are discussing exercise as if they were guys and 2 guys are discussing their personal lives as if they were girls!

After watching this you will know what would happen if people swapped gender roles in the gym.  It’s very funny!


Drugstore Clinics Aren’t Best for Sick Kids

Retail-based health clinics in pharmacies or big box stores may seem more  convenient and less expensive compared to seeing a pediatrician, but these  clinics do not provide children with the high-quality, regular preventive health  care that they need, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics in an updated  policy statement released online today.

Retail-based clinics or convenient care clinics are usually run by nurse  practitioners or physician assistants that see patients quickly without  appointments and often for less money than pediatric offices or emergency  departments.  This policy statement is not totally unbiased since these  establishments compete with pediatricians for patients and profits, but the  criticisms of these offices still has validity. Read More


Water vs Oil: Taking CBD and Hemp

Article Provided by Express CBD Store

CBD and Hemp can offer a lot of great benefits to people who need them. There are different ways to take CBD oil and Hemp oil, one is using the pure oil and the other with a water-soluble product. So, what’s the difference?

If you look at the oil in its natural form, you’ll find that it will not dissolve in water. The oil has to be processed to make it water soluble. The same is true for hemp because the plant has a lot of oils contained inside it. Since we as humans are mostly made up of water, our bodies just don’t absorb oil well.

Water-soluble products offer alternatives to the oils you might find. Hemp water and CBD water are going to give you a higher dose of the medicine, because it can dissolve easier in your blood. Water-soluble CBD and Hemp are re-engineered in the lab. The technique used to make the oil water soluble is patented and the exact process isn’t known. It is known that until this new process was developed, there was no way to do it naturally.

When you look at which is better when taking the oil versus the water, you have to look at the benefits of the water. You use less of it because it’s a full dose straight to your system. You aren’t storing the good qualities of the hemp or CBD oil in your body to be flushed out as waste. The main takeaway is that when trying to determine which is better, it depends on how you are taking it.

Express CBD Store sells health supplements based on hemp and CBD, including CBD Oil and Hemp Water. CBD has been shown to have many health benefits.

Disclaimer: Just4LifeProducts does not claim that its products will improve any health conditions, so you should make your own judgment based on available info and research.


Muscle Imbalances Revealed – What You Need to Know

Article by Herb Kimble.

Are you a fitness trainer? Do you find it hard to get your clients through fitness plateaus? Is injuries part of the problem for your clients? Well, one solution claims to be the program of Muscle Imbalances Revealed. In this article, we will investigate this program to find out if it is for you.

How Did MIR Start?

Muscle Imbalances Revealed (MIR) is the brainchild of Rick Kaselj who is a Kinesiologist and personal trainer. He realized that his efforts to keep his clients fit were not achieving the required results fast enough. Even though he was training them appropriately in the three basic techniques of exercise namely strength training, cardiovascular techniques and flexibility exercises, injuries and plateaus were still happening.

Rick concluded that the one thing he was leaving out was the muscle imbalances aspect. Based on what he learned, corrective exercise was important in enhancing mobility and preventing injuries, which would occur because of the body’s need to compensate for imbalanced routines. He also wanted to teach others what he had learned in a way that was affordable and accessible to all, regardless of the location.

What is it?

Rick and five other fitness professionals came up with the MIR program with a view of helping fitness trainers like him, to enable their clients to avoid injuries, overcome them, and bust through their fitness plateaus.

The program consists of videos, ebooks, and webinars which you can download to your computer, Mac iPod or iPad.




Features of The Program

Pelvis and Hips

One of the things that the MIR program teaches is the importance of the pelvis and hips in your fitness. You will learn why fitness trainers tend to overlook these areas of the body when it comes to exercises and how not to do the same. You will also learn about the roles of hips and pelvis in overcoming injuries and getting through fitness plateaus.


Rick claims that mobility is affected by muscle imbalances. His program, therefore, deals with the issue of mobility in detail. You will learn through the program about mobility enhancing exercises, who should be doing them and when as well as how to assess your clients for mobility issues.


He also states that the knee and muscle imbalances are related. He will teach you through the Muscle Imbalances Revealed program how to prevent or recover from knee injuries to enhance balance in the body. The program also addresses the shoulder and the ankles in the same way.

Identifying problems

Based on a number of experts featured on the MIR video program, muscle imbalances should be identified right away. That is why you will learn how to find the imbalances in your clients and how to target them using specific corrective exercises.


You will learn how fascia affects the muscles and how to deal with it using MIR.

Reviews and Testimonials


One review was done by Ara Sakavan, a physical therapist, and athletic trainer. He stated that the MIR DVDs came in handy in the treatment of his clients with muscular dysfunctions.

Jon Webb, insurance adjustor, and 50-year-old fitness enthusiast commented that by understanding and going through the mobility DVD he has gotten back the range of motions that he thought was long gone.

Bootcamp trainer, Josh Saunders likes the detail the program goes into and continually refers to the program to keep his clients on track and injury free.


· The program consists of the viewpoints of six experts on issues of muscle imbalances instead of one. This means you will be getting a combined perspective on the issues and therefore a more accurate picture.

· Once you pay for the DVDs, any updates that come thereafter are free of charge. There is lifetime access to future information.

· The webinars are easy to download and can be burned on DVD. There are audio versions to play for instance on your iPod or in the car.

· MIR program contributes to your CEC, PDC, or CEU certifications, which will help in your career advancements.


It can only be bought online.

The major disadvantage of the MIR program is the fact that you have to spend some money to access it. You will need to have around $57 for that purpose while it is on sale. After that, the price jumps up to $602.

Purchasing Advice

The Muscle Imbalances Revealed program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you hate the fitness advice you receive during this time, then you can have your money back.

You can pay for the program using a number of credit cards including Visa and MasterCard online. Access to your webinars starts soon after that.

Is This Program Worth It?

The fact that the Muscle Imbalances Revealed enables you to get your certifications, makes it worthwhile. The fact that program has six professionals contributing on muscle imbalances makes for a well rounded viewpoint, which is rare in the industry.

The program is quite extensive with regard to the fitness issues that it tackles. That is why it may be worth looking into if you are a fitness trainer. What you learn may be invaluable to you and your clients.

Besides, if you hate what you buy, you can get a refund within 60 days.


How You Can Prepare for LASIK Surgery

Advancements in technology have made poor vision a problem of the past. Now, people have medical avenues they can take to drastically improve their vision. In fact, a standard pair of prescription eyeglasses could improve a patient’s nearsightedness or farsightedness to 20/20 vision. When LASIK surgery was first introduced it was very pricey and exclusive. As the procedure has been improved over the years and prices have dropped, popularity has steadily risen. If you are interested in the procedure you must make certain preparations.

Take Time Off Work

Whether you help sell contacts online or you work for an insurance company, your job may require you to work during certain hours of the day. During the LASIK surgery recovery time, your eyes will be very sensitive to light and your vision could become too blurry. As such, any work that requires you to use your eyes, whether that be in an office or working remotely at your house, will need to be paused. Furthermore, straining your eyes to focus on the road to work can hurt the recovery process and create a safety hazard.

No Makeup

Depending on your beauty routine you might be accustomed to using different kinds of makeup on your face. Your skincare routine could involve different creams that help accentuate certain facial features or certain products that can alter your appearance. Some products may smear, spreading small particles to other areas. Getting eye shadow in your contacts can be irritating but getting it in your eyes during the LASIK process can lead to serious infections.


Understanding How Smoking Impairs Vision

It is common knowledge that smoking is incredibly harmful to your lungs and heart. The harsh smoke and chemicals can give you cancer if you smoke for long enough. That being said, recent studies have shown that smoking can also damage your ability to see clearly. Familiarizing yourself with how smoking affects the body can give you a better sense of just how dangerous the act is.

Eye Sensitivity

Reports have concluded that people who smoke are over twice as likely to develop Dry Eye Syndrome as those who do not smoke. People who have this condition are not able to produce the quality and quantity of tears necessary to keep their eyes hydrated. Tears are tremendously important because they help you see clearly and help remove particles that come into eye contact.

If your eyes are not properly producing tears they will become more sensitive and can force you to rely on artificial tears for lubrication.

More Likely to Develop Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Smokers are around four times as likely to develop age-related macular degeneration. This condition is brought about by the central area of the retina deteriorating. This lowers the ability of an eye to focus on an object, which can have huge implications. Without a robust ability to focus in the central portion of your vision, ordinary things like driving a car or reading text can prove to be very challenging, even if you use lenses from a store like This kind of irreversible damage can drastically limit what you can do. Furthermore, people who regularly experience secondhand smoke are also more likely to develop the health condition.


What Lenses Can I Use To Help Me Meet The Minimum Vision Requirements To Drive In California

Article by Delta Driving School

Most corrective lenses are perfectly acceptable to wear when taking your vision acuity test to get your driver’s license. While you can get your driver’s license with glasses or contacts on, it is required that you tell the worker if you are wearing the later.

This is because if you cannot pass the vision acuity test without corrective lenses of some kind then it is marked on your license that you must always be wearing them while driving. This is also why if you don’t need glasses to pass the test it is better to take the test without them, so you do not have this marked on your ID.

Some people have bad vision and not only wear glasses but also have what is called bioptic telescopic lenses that attach to their glasses to help them see better. These lenses are essentially small telescopes that attach at the top part of glasses and allow a person to see better further away by simply tilting their head down to look through them.

While in California you can drive while wearing these lenses, unlike a few other States which do not allow this, you are not allowed to use bioptic telescopic lenses when taking your vision acuity test. You must still be able to read the eye chart with at least 20/200 vision and prove that you can drive safely despite your poor vision.

About the Author: This article is courtesy of Delta Driving School. They are a Driving School in La Canada, Glendale, Eagle Rock and La Crescenta in Southern California.


Top 3 Reasons Why Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Are Recommended

Summary: Daily disposable contact lenses offer a variety of benefits to users. Moreover, they can offer contact wearers something that other lenses simply cannot.

One of the many reasons why ophthalmologists are recommending daily disposable contact lenses today is the fact that they are healthier for your eyes. But there are other benefits to making the switch to these lenses as well.

  1. Comfort and Flexibility

One of the drawbacks with certain contact lenses is the lack of comfort. The differences between the daily disposables and other models is that they are made of a thinner material, allowing more oxygen to flow in and out of the eyes. This helps makes the user feel like he or she is not wearing any lens at all.

  1. They Can Save You Money

Another reason why people love daily disposables is because of their cost-effectiveness. While it might seem confusing to understand how daily disposables are cheaper than weekly or monthly contact lenses, but they are actually less expensive in the long run. The amount of solution that one needs to purchase when handling your standard monthly or weekly contact lenses can add up rather quickly. And, if you are cleaning them as recommended by your doctor, you could be going through these bottles faster than you know it. There is definitely an argument made for daily disposables being more cost-effective in the long run.

  1. A Great Alternative for Dry Eyes

Another reason why patients should use daily disposable lenses is that it can help users that suffer from dry eyes. Weekly or monthly contact lenses, if not cleaned or stored correctly, could lose that moisture and end up harming the eyes. Disposable dailies on the other hand, are replaced after every use, guaranteeing a brand-new pair of lenses every day.

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Should You Shop Online for Contact Lenses?

Summary: Contact lenses can be purchased from anywhere nowadays – even online.

Once you get an eye exam and are Justify with a decision to choose between eyeglasses or contact lenses, your next step would be whether you want to purchase them at your local optometrist or another retailer. While your eye doctor can order it for you, there are other alternatives you might be interested in. for example, is one of many online retailers specializing in contact lenses of shapes and forms. With that being said, online shopping has taken over and if you’re thinking about following this trend, there are some things you need to know beforehand.

Trust Factor

The first thing you need to check off is the most important: trust. Do some digging to see whether the company you’re about to purchase from is legitimate. One way to go about doing this is by looking at consumer reviews. While you shouldn’t make your decision based only on reviews, it’s a fantastic way to get a rough idea of how the business operates.


The last thing you’ll need while shopping around is to find a business and shop around only to find that they do not have the correct lens curvature or strength – or not carry your favorite Dailies Total1 lens. Make sure you find a retailer that not only has the contact lenses that you need but also the power and exact specifications that are suited for your eyes.

Check the Refund Policy

Some websites will have strict policies regarding contact lenses and for good measure too. In some cases, you may find yourself purchasing the wrong item whether it be by accident or due to an old prescription. Instead, try looking for businesses that are a bit more lenient in your favor.