Written by Heather Richards

By now most of us know the importance of staying positive. A positive outlook on life not only brings you happiness but also blesses the people around you. Someone who is positive is optimistic, always focusing on the good things in life instead of dwelling on the bad. But remaining positive on a regular basis can be challenging, especially if you live or work with people who try to bring you down. Whether you’re experiencing a storm in your life or dealing with negative people, it’s still possible to stay positive. In fact, some people even believe it’s the key to getting what you want and need in this life.

In a recent blog post titled How to Switch to Positivity, Dr. Eric Amidi unveils a simple trick on how to stay positive despite being surrounded by negative people. (Dr. Amidi is the author of the ebook “The Secret Behind the Secret,” and he often writes about the Law of Attraction.) Part of what he shares in the blog is something I struggle with: the fear of negativity. Dr. Eric Amidi writes that it’s important not to fight or fear negativity. Instead, he writes, recognize it and learn how to “neutralize it and turn it into positivity.” According to Dr. Amidi, you must first master positivity within yourself before you can block the negativity of others or stop it from bringing you down.

So what’s his trick? Read his blog post to find out what Dr. Eric Amidi says. I will, however, reveal that it’s as easy as asking yourself or another person one question. Yup. Just one.



Dr. Eric Amidi writes, advises, and consults on productivity, entrepreneurship, and life-transforming self-improvement methods.